3 Simple Rotator Cuff Warm-Up Exercises That You NEED To Be Doing (DON'T NEGLECT THESE!!)

by Tanner Wideman April 13, 2017

3 Simple Rotator Cuff Warm-Up Exercises That You NEED To Be Doing (DON'T NEGLECT THESE!!)

In today’s video, I’ll be walking you through 3 super simple rotator cuff warm-up exercises, to strengthen and prevent injury of the rotator cuff. Unfortunately, the rotator cuff is one of the most neglected muscle groups in the entire body. This is likely due to a lack of visibility of the muscle group, as it lies underneath much larger muscle tissue. The importance of this muscle group, however, can’t be stated enough. Any pressing movements such as a heavy bench press, or overhead press, require heavy recruitment of the rotator cuff for shoulder joint stability. For weight lifting longevity, optimum shoulder stability, as well as improved posture, it’s extremely important we train and strengthen out rotator cuff muscles, as frequently as we do for all other muscles in the body.

3 Simple Rotator Cuff Exercises Exercises:
-Band External Rotations
-Dual Band External Rotations
-Cable External Rotations

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Tanner Wideman
Tanner Wideman


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