5 KILLER Chest Exercises With NO BENCH (GRUUUUESOME!!)

by Tanner Wideman February 05, 2018

5 KILLER Chest Exercises With NO BENCH (GRUUUUESOME!!)

What's going on bro-cha-chos? It's your boy, Tanner Wideman, of Barbarian Body. Today, I've got for you five super crazy, effective chest exercises that you guys can do without a bench. Let's get straight into it.

All right, so the first exercise we've got here, this is called the svend press. Suh-veh-end press, spelled very strangely, but this exercise right here is so phenomenal for helping you to isolate the pecks. Now what you're going to do is, you're going to put two plates together, and I advise that you get some rubber plates. When you do this with just the metal plates, it's extremely difficult to keep them centered. I mean, if you want to try and increase the intensity, by all means, go ahead.

So what you're going to do is you're just simply going to press away from your body, and you're going to bring the plates back in towards your torso, ensuring that you're keeping your arms parallel to the ground, that horizontal, right there. And you're really focusing on squeezing those plates together as hard as you possibly can. This is what's going to recruit the maximum amount of pectoral activation. This one, right here, is super creative and probably one that you've been yet to see.

All right, now exercise No. 2, this exercise is absolutely terrific for allowing you to target the upper peck area. We have got some standing dumbbell chest flys. Now because of the range of motion that your arm is following here, this is what's specifically going to be able to help you to target the upper peck area. Coming from low, and you're coming wide, bringing those dumbbells together at the top and squeezing them there, that's what allows you to target the upper peck muscle.

                                                Now what I've done to make this exercise just slightly more gruesome is to add in a slight half of a second isometric hold at the peak of the contraction, where I'm squeezing my pectoral muscles as hard as I possibly can, ensuring that you're not doing too much swinging when you're trying to get the weight up there, and that you are focusing on strictly using the pecks to lift the dumbbells.

All right, exercise No. 3 is an item of my own creation ... at least I haven't seen anybody else doing it. We've got some resistance band flys. This kind of substitutes what you might be able to do with the cables. Now, the reason you might want to try this as opposed to just doing the cable flys, is because as you bring the hands closer towards the peak of the contraction, where they're right close to each other, that's actually going to be the most difficult portion of this exercise. As you see, when you're pulling the arms in closer, the more difficult the exercise gets, requiring a whole new level of pectoral muscle fiber recruitment that you can get to experience. Ensure that you're doing this with a nice, slow tempo and that you're really doing your best to stabilize here. That's another one of those great benefits that comes with this exercise when you do it with the resistance bands.

All right, exercise No. 4, we actually do have some dumbbell flys here, and we're going to be doing them on the floor. So what you want to be doing is milking eccentrics, don't just drop those, this is really going to be able to be the point of the motion where you're going to tear open and break down the most amount of muscle fiber that you possibly can, lightly touching the elbows on the floor. And when you're bringing those dumbbells up, I want you to focus on squeezing with your pectoral muscles. You're not just a lever-arm here, moving your arm. You're trying to focus on the pecks. Squeeze them up at the top, don't let them slam at the top, and bring them right back down. This is still a very great exercise, regardless of not being able to get as much depth with the bench. And actually, that is one of the things that makes this exercise pretty safe to do, when you're doing it from the floor.

All right, 5th and final exercise. This is a variation of the classic. We're going to be doing some resistance band push-ups. Now for the same reason that the resistance band flys was effective, we're going to be flipping the strength curve. So normally when you're doing a push-up, the easiest portion is when you're about to lock out there. But by adding in the band, that's actually going to be one of the more difficult portions. And actually, it's going to be getting more increasingly difficult as you are beginning to push yourself up from the floor. This is a great variation and a great method to change up a classic exercise, and will have your chest or your pectoral muscles screaming.

So there you guys go, five creative chest exercises that you guys can do without a bench. Now, hold the phone, if you are interested in these types of videos, then you might also be interested in my 14-week physique sculpting program, link in the description. This program's going to walk you through my personal step-by-step training program that I have personally used for years, to build a ton of lean muscle mass and sculpt an incredibly carved, cut, whatever you want to call it, physique. So if you are interested, click the link down in the description. And if you enjoyed the video, then also be sure to give your boy a like, down below. And also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss.

Thank you so much for joining me, you guys. I'll see you in the next video.

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