Bulking Breakfast for Hard Gainers/ Ectomorphs (1000 Calories!!)

by Tanner Wideman January 09, 2017

Bulking Breakfast for Hard Gainers/ Ectomorphs (1000 Calories!!)

Get ready to build muscle and put on mass with this high calorie breakfast that’s incredible for hard gainers. I understand that it’s harder to bulk-up and put on muscle for some of you ectomorphs. You guys require a sincerely larger amount of calories in order to see any results at all. Well, specifically for you guys, I’ll be sharing this incredibly delicious breakfast that will have you bulking up and gaining muscle in no time!

This breakfast is a quick and awesome way to jam 1000 calories into your body before you even leave the house for the day. The meal consists of 3 “courses”, all of which are very simple and quick to prepare. This meal is awesome for fulfilling your high protein, calories, carbs and fats needs.

• Course #1 will be a peanut butter sandwich.
• Course #2 will be an incredibly delicious omelet
• Course #3 will be a small plate of chopped chicken breast

This meal is not only perfect for helping you put on mass, but it’s also incredibly delicious. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of the meal. Good luck with the bulking guys!


Calories: 1014
Carbs: 50.6g
Fat: 55.2g
Protein: 77.7g

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