Daniel Craig's Skyfall Workout Routine (James Bond Workout)

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Daniel Craig's Skyfall Workout Routine (James Bond Workout)

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Daniel Craig, the badass English actor who portrays fictional British Secret Service agent 007 in recent movies including Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015) has a killer physique. It isn’t the typical perfect pretty boy body you might expect from a blockbuster movie, however. Instead, Daniel Craig’s body looks functional, like it could simultaneously sprint five miles, deadlift a truck, hip toss a Sumo wrestler, and sleep with your girlfriend.

As James Bond, Craig’s physique left most guys scouring the internet for the training regimen that packed so much lean muscle on his frame. With broad, rounded shoulders, sculpted pecs, and chiseled abs that put washboards to shame, Daniel Craig’s body is the envy of just about every guy out there. The quest for Craig’s raining and nutrition program remains in high demand.

Craig’s 007 roles required him to add large amounts of muscle mass in a short period of time. In his role as Jake Lonergan in the movie Cowboys & Aliens (a film he starred in directly preceding Skyfall), Craig had to appear less imposing. He allowed himself to wither down to a puny 160 pounds to fit the cowboy character.

To become James Bond in the movie Skyfall, Craig quickly bulked up to 180 pounds, yet managed to maintain a level of lean muscularity. To achieve this physique change, his training and nutrition regimen had to be both effective and efficient to fully change his appearance in the short amount of time he had between filming.

The Making of James Bond
Daniel Craig’s Body Composition for the movie SKYFALL:

For his role as James Bond in Skyfall, Daniel Craig bulked up to 180 pounds. At the age of 43 and a height of 5’10”, this is a pretty impressive feat. He also maintained a super lean BMI of about 10 percent. The visible cuts in his abs, the muscle separation in his pecs and shoulders, and the definition around his cheeks and jawline are clear indications of his apparent 10 percent fat body composition.

Achieving an impressive physique of this caliber will definitely allow you to stand out in a crowd. With wide shoulders and a broad chest you’ll turn heads even when you’re wearing a basic t-shirt. And when you slip off that t-shirt, especially with those washboard abs you’ve worked so hard to produce, you’ll blow people’s minds.


To this day, there is only scant information on exactly how Daniel Craig trained for his infamous James Bond roles. However, with my own ample experience helping average guys put on the same type of size, I have a pretty damn good idea of exactly what it takes.

Also, I have had significant personal success packing on slabs of lean muscle in a brief time period. Note the picture below.

I also have a reasonable idea of just what it takes for celebrities to train for head-turning roles, especially when there is a limited amount of time.

To stimulate massive muscle growth while maintaining a low level of body fat, we need to lift heavy 3 to 4 days each week. In addition to that heavyweight training, we also need to focus on making those workouts demanding on a cardiovascular level. We can achieve this intensity by incorporating supersets into our workout routine, reducing the rest period between each set.

This method of training works well for A-list celebrity jet setters who can’t afford to spend endless hours in the gym. It also works for the average Joe who just doesn’t have hours to invest everyday working out. Instead, you can be in and out of the gym in a short time period. It’s great for busy people and it is also exactly what makes this method of training so powerful and effective.

Scroll down for my version of the “Daniel Craig Workout”:

Training Routine 1 - CHEST, SHOULDERS & TRICEPS:

  • Barbell Flat Bench Press: 4 sets x 6-10 reps (1-2 min rest)
  • Incline DB Bench: 3 sets 8 x 12 reps (30-45 sec rest)
  • Chest Dips: 4 sets x 8-12 reps (30-60 sec rest)
  • Clean & Press: 3 sets x 6-10 rest (45-60 sec rest)

Training Routine 2 - LOWER BODY:

  • DB Goblet Squats: 4 sets x 6-10 reps (1-2 min rest)
  • Standing Reverse Lunges: 3 sets x 6-10 reps (45-60 sec rest)
  • Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 3 sets x 8-12 reps (45-60 sec rest)
  • Standing Single Leg Calf Raises: 3 sets x 10-15 reps per leg (45-60 sec rest)

Training Routine 3 - BACK & BICEPS:

  • Chainsaw Rows: 4 sets x 6-10 reps (1-2 min rest)
  • Bent Over Dual Dumbbell Rows: 3 sets x 12-15 reps (30-45 sec rest)
  • Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls: 4 sets x 8 x 12 reps (30-60 sec rest)
  • Barbell Curls: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (45-60 sec rest)


For strong core development, you need to train your abdominals 2-3 times per week.

To hit your abs hard, try the routine I’ve included below. This workout will develop your V-lines, upper, and lower abdominals, and those hard to hit obliques.


  • Leg Raises on Dip/ Chin-Up Bar: 3 x 6-15 reps
  • Russian Twists: 3 x 15 reps per side
  • Reverse + Regular Sit-Ups: 2 x max reps
  • Plank: 2 sets x max time

Before Daniel Craig began training for the filming of Skyfall, he was pretty scrawny. In his previous film, Cowboys & Aliens, he only weighed 160 pounds. At 5’10” that left him looking skinny and unimpressive. At that point he had a thin frame that lacked any significant muscle.

To accomplish that meager physique, he had to go out of his way, eating a restricted diet to achieve a calorie deficit, and skip weight training in any form.

Following the type of stringent regimen required of him in preparation for Cowboys & Aliens, Craig not only lost significant body fat, he also shed a ton of muscle. Craig had his work cut out for him to turn that body around and make it fit into the role of 007.

How to Eat Like James Bond

Before you hit the gym to work on your killer James Bond body, it is important to remember that great physiques are built as much in the kitchen as they are in the gym. What you use to fuel your muscle gains and fat loss is incredibly important.

To prepare for the Skyfall movie, and achieve a convincing James Bond physique, Craig had to gain 15 to 20 pounds of sheer muscle in a very brief amount of time.

Turn Up Carbs and Calories:

To reclaim his lost size, Craig needed to increase his calorie intake. While his prior cowboy body demanded he eat at a calorie deficit, his role as Bond, James Bond, forced him to reverse that technique.

However, at 43 years old, Craig’s metabolism wasn’t exactly an ally. While his new physique goal required him to consume over 2800 calories a day, he had to carefully choose his foods. With a naturally slowing metabolism, Craig had to pay particular attention to his diet to prevent gaining fat instead of lean muscle.

By focusing on a diet high in carbohydrates, Craig fueled his body in such a way that enabled him to hit his workouts with intensity. Not only do carbs provide necessary energy for workout, they are also effective achieving mass gains, and they also aid in sleep and muscle recovery.

The Importance of Protein:

If you are trying to pack on muscle, there is nothing more important that protein consumption. A high protein diet plays a key role in muscle gain, while also helping maintain a lean physique.

A diet high in protein is important for two main reasons.

  1. Protein dense foods are filling, helping prevent overeating.
  2. With a higher percentage of lean muscle mass, your metabolism is kicked into overdrive, allowing you to burn more calories even when your body is at rest.

For Daniel Craig, a diet high in protein was a key component of his 20 pound muscle gain and body transformation. For guys who are a little more youthful, a high-protein nutrition program isn’t as important. The younger you are, the easier it is to build muscle. For those guys who are approaching middle age and beyond, protein consumption becomes a priority for building muscle and preventing fat gain.

Aim for roughly 1 gram of protein for every pound of your goal body weight. For Daniel Craig’s 180-pound goal, this translates to an intake of 180 grams of protein every single day.

Some Final Thoughts:

To sum it all up, here are three important focus areas. If you want a body like Bond, here is what you need to do:

  1. Eat. A lot. - In order to make the significant gains that Daniel Craig made between Cowboys & Aliens and Skyfall, you’re going to need to eat at a major calorie surplus.
  2. Lift Heavy. - To get big muscles, you have to lift big things. Focus on lifting heavy rather than focusing on repetitions.
  3. Don’t be a loser. - Focus your efforts on gaining the muscle, not on losing fat. Remember, Craig started with a physique that was already incredibly lean.

Take the Next Step:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and it has inspired you to improve your own physique.

Are you interested in achieving results like Daniel Craig?

If you are, do you think your current training program will help you get there?

Do you think celebrities like Daniel Craig have personal trainers who hold their hand for them, laying out a detailed step-by-step plan for them to follow, including workouts and nutrition?

If you want to see results like Daniel Craig, it’s time for you to follow your own step-by-step fitness plan.

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