Home Upper Body Dumbbell Workout For Mass (NO Gym Required!!)

by Tanner Wideman May 17, 2017 1 Comment

Home Upper Body Dumbbell Workout For Mass (NO Gym Required!!)

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Get ready to kill this home upper body workout with me…all you need is a pair of dumbbells! Finish the first round, and if you want to push yourself, try repeating the video for a total of 2 rounds. Think you can push it to 3 total rounds? Give it a go! And if you do, be sure to leave a comment down below and let me know!

Perform each exercise for the prescribed # of repetitions (perform 3 total rounds):
• 12x Explosive/ Clap Push-Ups
• 8x Single Arm Rows
• 8x Single Arm Clean + Press
• 10x Overhead Extensions
• 10x Hammer Curls
• 20x Shrugs
• 10x Overhead Presses
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Tanner Wideman
Tanner Wideman


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June 07, 2017

Nice post!

Definitely like the variation in this workout. I know it might seem unspecific but building overall upper body strength can work miracles. By doing various tricep exercises, shoulder exercises (like the overhead press) and other exercises that work the stabilizer muscles and other secondary muscles you can significantly up your gains overall. Some people like to just focus on say benching to get a stronger chest but simply doing benching day in and day out will not get you the results you want. Sometimes just doing all around upper body exercise does the trick

One resource that helped me a ton was actually a program called critical bench. It is chalk full of tips and tricks that you wouldn’t really think of that actually make a huge difference in your bench when implemented correctly. I actually wrote a little review of the program anyone can check out- http://fitnessaspiration.com/critical-bench-review/

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