How I Got A Six Pack | My Personal Guide to Six Pack Abs (Ab Routine, Exercise Routine, & Nutrition)

by Tanner Wideman March 09, 2017

How I Got A Six Pack | My Personal Guide to Six Pack Abs (Ab Routine, Exercise Routine, & Nutrition)

Today I’m going to share with you my personal strategy that I used to get my six pack abs. The process I’m about to explain is a simple, yet repeatable process that almost anyone can do. They key is consistency.

How I got my six pack was by first performing 50 sit-ups every single day. This was my first step on my journey and was incredibly important. Most guys start by taking on WAY too much at once and they end up burning out after a week or two. My main key was that I started with a simple, yet repeatable process that I could master, and from there slowly add a little bit more into my regimen.

While still performing my 50 sit-ups every single day, I then focused on making sure my body fat percentage was low enough for my abs to even show. This is incredibly important; you could have the best abs in the world, but they won’t show if you have too much belly fat covering them up. You’ll need roughly about 11-12% body fat or lower for your abs to show. I was playing football at this time and was thus able to burn any extra body fat that I had still hanging around from that. If you still have to burn some fat to get to that 11-12% body fat mark, then you’ll need to create a calorie deficit of 250-500 calories/ day. This can be done by cleaning up your diet, and/or by adding in some exercise to your lifestyle. If you’re more inclined to begin with exercise, I would advise on avoiding the treadmills and almost all cardio gym equipment. Spending your time on those things suck, and again you’ll probably burn yourself out from doing so. Try hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or swimming as your “cardio”. Become more active, and by doing so you’ll find you have an easier ability to commit to “cardio” and thus will be more successful on your journey to six pack abs.

From there, I then added in an Ab workout once per week. I would spend between 10-15 minutes performing a 3-4 exercise circuit for 2-3 rounds. It was tough, but after a few months it really helped me to bring up my abdominal development.

In addition to the Ab routine I was doing once per week, I was also performing resistance workouts 2-3 times per week. This again helped me to burn more calories, and allowed me to tighten up my body fat percentage just a little bit more. After about 6-8 months of this process, and with a low enough body fat percentage, I was finally able to get my six pack abs to show!

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