How To Reduce Lower Belly Fat (In 3-4 Weeks!!)

by Tanner Wideman May 17, 2017

How To Reduce Lower Belly Fat (In 3-4 Weeks!!)

All right. What's up everybody? It's your boy Tanner Wideman of Barbarian Body. Today, I'm gonna be telling you, because I've been getting this question a lot ... and when I say a lot, this is my most asked question. How do you lose lower belly fat? Let me cover this for you. The very first thing that you wanna do, I give this advice to a ton of guys. As soon as they apply it, dramatic results happen. Fat just pours off of your body. Don't drink alcohol.

 And if you are drinking alcohol, and you think that you can't, maybe you're an alcoholic, or you just really love alcohol, just tone it down. Try and halve it. If you're drinking two nights a week, try and do one. If you can though, try to eliminate it, or try to drink every other weekend, some sort of system like that. After three to four weeks of applying that, if you're a normal alcoholic drinker or if you're a normal alcohol drinker ... not your an alcoholic, but that might be a cause of lower belly fat too. Once you apply this, the amount of lower belly fat you're gonna lose is absolutely insane.

My next tip that I've got, this one is huge two. Avoid two things, these two little things. First one, fast food restaurants of course. Wendy's, McDonald's, A & W, Arby's, things of that nature, In-n-Out if you're in America. I'm not. I'm in Canada. We don't have that. I wish we did. That would be going against my tips though, so I shouldn't be doing that. But I do do it on the weekends. This is just if you wanna seriously lose that lower belly fat. Avoid those and restaurants, sit in restaurants like Red Lobster, Kelsey's, Casey's ... these are restaurants that we have in Canada. I hope you guys have them down south, but sit in restaurants.

When you go to eat at these places ... let's think about it. Let's break it down. So they bring out the bread. You've come there, and you're hungry anyways, and you gotta wait for your food. Bread's in front of you. Everybody else is eating it. Guess what? You're probably gonna eat it too. There's nothing really that bad with eating bread. But we gotta add in the bread, plus whatever drinks you're gonna get. If you didn't follow my first tip avoiding alcohol, there's a good chance you're gonna have a beer or some type of fancy drink there. So you're gonna have that in addition to that.

And then, your entree's gonna come ... or sorry, your appetizer's gonna come, more calories in that. You're gonna go through that. You're still gonna be hungry. And then, you're probably gonna order something really big 'cause you got there super hungry and you expected to eat more than you actually needed to. And then you got this monstrous entrée that comes. And then you consume the whole thing. Then everybody goes, "Oh, should we get dessert?" And you're like, "No, I couldn't, I couldn't." They're like, "Come on! Do it, do it."

And then you get dessert, and you just consumed 1500 calories in one sitting. That's absolutely insane. Some of you guys go out two or three days a week just to go and eat dinners with your friends, or even lunches too sometimes. These things are just packed, or if you go to a buffet. So try and avoid these as much as you can, at least for three to four weeks. If you do this for a three to four week stretch, to have it three or four weeks you don't do it and then have it for one to two weeks where you allow yourself to go out and eat this food on the weekends, you'll notice a lot of goddamn change. When I applied this, it was like I was able to really shred fat.

I'm not just talking about these fast food restaurants or sit in restaurants, but think of a Starbucks. You go, "Oh you know, I was gonna go and get this turkey sandwich." Those turkey sandwiches have a frickin ton of calories in them. I think they got mayonnaise and stuff. Be aware of the amount of calories that you're consuming when you enter these places. You'd have no idea. There's so many calories. So avoid that.

I'm telling you the fat will just ... it's gone. If you're not doing this stuff already, you're probably already lean. You don't even need to be watching this video. Okay, next tip. This is what I like to personally do when I'm really trying to shred my fat. I don't really like to be so strict with my diet. You see, I haven't really told you guys to eat this vegetable and get rid of this from your diet. I don't believe in that. I don't believe in that ever. I follow my own little personal thing. So what I like to do is I then add in three days of cardio.

I know, it sounds intense, but it's 15 minutes of cardio. If you follow my system or if you know of my system, then you know I work out lifting weights three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So I'll perform less than ... they're only like 45 minute workouts. They're balls to the wall though, I'll tell you that much. And then, if I'm really trying to burn fat, then I may for two or three weeks add in some 15 minute cardio, whether it be on a treadmill, me going running, or me going running outside, it really doesn't matter, just whatever I prefer.

I do that in addition to my workouts, at the end of each workout. And again, fat ... it's all gone. You just ... especially if you start combining all these tactics. You're minimizing your drinking, you're not going out to restaurants or you're not really eating food outside of the house that's pre made, from even Costco or anything like that. And then you add in the cardio too. The amount of fat loss you're gonna have is just tremendous. So combine those things, it's really really effective. And I passed this when I was mentioning the cardio, but you gotta make ...

Are you working out three times a week? Because if you're working out three times a week, you should be burning a fair amount of calories, unless you're straight up just there on your phone. You see a lot of guys like this, they're just in the gym scrolling through their phones. It's not even a goddamn workout. It's like the most lazy thing ever. Or they're on a treadmill going half a kilometer per hour and they're there for an hour and a half. And they'll post some Instagram post, #grind, that's not working out. Push it. Try and push it.

Bring your heart rate up a significant amount. Don't lackadaisically go. Just try to workout three days a week. That's personally what I do. You add that in there, you'll be able to burn tons of body fat. This one's huge. I still can't believe people believe this, but a lot of people do. I don't know who's fault it is, whether it's the fitness industry or gullibility. Let me tell you this right now, ab workouts, ab exercises, crunches, sit ups, that will not burn lower body fat. It's absolutely impossible to burn body fat in any specific area. You just ... you lose it, your whole body from your toes to your head. If there's body fat in your forehead, you lose it there too.

You can't just lose ... there's no such thing as spot treating. If there was, you don't think everybody would be doing it? You'd see a lot of people that have really shredded cores. They got a six pack and everything. But then the rest of them is kind of doughy. You're like, "Okay, this guy's been clearly spot treating it." And it wouldn't even look good. So it's actually impossible. So doing sit ups or Russian twist pikes, any kind of ab exercise is not gonna burn body fat right here. That's totally a myth. You'll lose it all throughout your body.

It just so happens to be that you lose body fat, for men, and actually even for women too, typically the last right here. It's just the way that genetics works so that will be the last place that you see the body fat being burned. You might notice it faster in your arms or your chest if you've got the man boobs or something. You might notice it quicker there than you do in the lower abdominal area. That's just because that's typically where the body decides to burn the body fat last, which kind of sucks but that's why six packs are so awesome because hardly anybody can get them because it's so difficult. The body is designed that way to keep that there. So when you do it, ta da! Kudos to you.

So you can't use spot treatment. Just keep that in mind. Okay, final tip. If you're working out three times per week. Like I said, I don't wanna see ... you can't be in the gym flicking through you're phone. If you're not breaking a sweat at the end of each workout, you are doing jack. You are not there exercising. Just because you're there for an hour, an hour and a half, to say you were there for an hour or an hour and a half, it's not gonna translate into you actually attaining success.

You're not gonna be able to burn body fat. Push your workouts a little bit harder. This might be a little bit more advanced for some of you guys but break up a goddamn sweat. Stop resting so much. Stop going so soft on each set and rep and exercise. Some guys, some of you guys just go so soft in the gym. You walk in there and you leave. If your armpits don't smell. If you're not sweaty. You did not work hard enough. You should be pushing this. This isn't like a playground where you can just have fun and magical things are gonna happen. Because if you're at a playground, you're probably a child, and probably believe magical things are gonna happen.

It's just not going to work. You need to work hard. Push yourself. You don't need to be there for an hour or an hour and half. I have workouts that last typically about 45 minutes. Sometimes I have 'em last 20 or 30 minutes. And I've pushed myself in that period of time. I'm not wasting my time. I'm really pushing it. And I burn so many calories. And I've shed a lot of fat. I do this all the time. You don't need to be there for a super high amount of time, but if you're gonna be there for a shorter period of time, work hard. If you're gonna be there at all, just push yourself.

If you smell the same when you walk in as you do when you walk out, didn't work hard enough. If you're walking out of there, you're not sweating, you're doing nothing for your body. You're not gonna lose any fat. That's pretty much how it goes. So there you guys go. I know, harsh truth. But I hate to tell you, that's just how it is. There's so many people that just believe it's this complicated process. It's honestly not that simple. You've probably heard all this stuff a million times before. I'm just gonna keep repeating it until people start to come back and go, "You know, I've heard this a million times. And finally Tanner, I listened to you. And it was actually right." Because that's exactly how it is.

People like to over complicate things and the fitness industry is terrible for this because so many professionals like to say, "Oh, it's the most difficult thing in the world." So you hire them as personal trainers and you pay them thousands of dollars a year, which is just ridiculous. So don't believe that. It's pretty simple. Just apply the basics and stay committed. Push through with it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. And if you did, be sure to give it a like down below. And also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you won't wanna miss.

Anyways guys, thanks so much for watching. Oh yeah, and leave a comment down below if you have a request. I'll see you guys in the next one.

Tanner Wideman
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