Quick Workouts vs. Long Workouts -- Why Quick Workouts Are MORE Effective

by Tanner Wideman March 22, 2017

Quick Workouts vs. Long Workouts -- Why Quick Workouts Are MORE Effective

What’s better, spending a long 1.5 hours in the gym, or crushing a quick 45 minute workout? Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts and reasoning behind why I ALWAYS suggest a shorter workout for increased effectiveness.

The duration of our workouts can be drastically decreased from simple tactics such as eliminating distractions, stringing exercises together and as a result; promoting our ability to get into a flow state. This flow state will help to increase the effectiveness and overall enjoy ability/ satisfaction of our workouts too.

This is a continuation of my "Training Smart vs. Train Hard" series of thoughts.

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Tanner Wideman
Tanner Wideman


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