Zac Efron's Exclusive Baywatch Workout Routine (2017 Physique Breakdown)

by Tanner Wideman November 02, 2017

Zac Efron's Exclusive Baywatch Workout Routine (2017 Physique Breakdown)

There is no doubt that Zac Efron is rocking an amazing body. After his shirtless scenes in Neighbors, and especially after his washboard abs were featured on the big screen in Baywatch,  people have been asking about the Zac Efron Workout Program. They want to know how to develop the type of head-turning physique that makes fangirls swoon.

Ab Circuit

It is reported that Zac Efron was performing abdominal workouts every single day in preparation for his role in Baywatch. To achieve an attention-grabbing sculpted midsection, it is going to take some work.

Start with performing 50 sit-ups every single day, Monday through Sunday. Pick the same time to perform them so that you can create a habit. Discipline and repetition are what carve a six pack.

If you want to add an extra kick to your ab training, integrate 1 to 2 ab circuits of 3 to 4 exercises for 15 minutes weekly.

The Why Behind the Workout

You’ll notice the specific workouts described above contain many compound exercises. This is because compound target a lot of muscle groups simultaneously. This allows you to execute more work in less time, maximizing your efforts and creating a type of shortcut to the body you desire.

To get his body in Baywatch shape, Zac used a lot of supersets in his training. Supersets stack one exercise directly on top of another without any rest in between. By eliminating that rest period, you demand more out of your body which causes you to burn a ton of calories. Also, the time under tension is increased causing your muscles to work harder. It’s an easy way to crank up the intensity knob on your workouts.

Zac Efron, like most people, is a busy guy. Not only is he focused on his movies, but he has interviews, promotional appearances, and a personal life he needs to balance with his fitness routine. He needs to get the most bang for his buck out of his workouts. By incorporating supersets into his workouts, it allows him to get more done in less time. And if supersets will work for Zac Efron, they’ll work for you, too.

Here's a glimpse at the results that can be achieved by adding in these supersets to your workout regimen. My physique is largely owed to the power of supersets!

Here's a pic of me from Instagram: 












Yes, I will admit that Zac's physique is quite a bit leaner...however, that leanness is often a trade off for a physique with less muscle mass.

How Zac Got So Ripped

If you scroll through Zac Efron’s Instagram pictures, you can’t help but notice his back and biceps are particularly shredded, although his chest and traps look pretty nice, too. The best way to accomplish this type of mass and definition is through a split routine resistance training format. Here is a quick workout breakdown.

Here's how I would structure Zac Efron 's Physique Sculpting Workout. Of course this will all be focusing on the points that I've already touched on earlier in the article!

Simply training 3x per week while focusing on big compound movements, supersets, and lifting heavy.

The Physique Sculpting Program is actually a program that I've been using for years to carve a lean and sculpted physique just like Zac! It's designed to build a set of broad shoulders, a defined chest, and a narrow waistline!

This program has helped over 1,000 guys across the globe, build phenomenal physiques!

Monday - Pushing Muscles (Chest, triceps, and shoulders)

  • Bench press (2 rep max)
  • Standing dumbbell press (3 x 6)
  • Standing side laterals (3 x 12)
  • Bench dips (3 x 10)

Wednesday - Lower Body (Quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes)

  • Deadlift (2 rep max)
  • Bulgarian split squat (3 x 8)
  • Romanian deadlift (3 x 10)
  • Kettlebell swings (3 x 12)

Friday - Pulling Muscles (Back, biceps, and traps)

  • Pull-ups (3 sets max reps)
  • Dumbbell chainsaws (3 x 10)
  • Seated incline curls (3 x 8)
  • Dumbbell shrugs (3 x 10)

How to Get  Zac Efron’s Baywatch Bod

The guy is lean as Hell. To get that lean, there has to be some cardio. In interviews, Zac mentions how much he enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, and sprinting. Basically, Zac’s cardio secret is to just get outside and be active.

Cardio doesn’t have to be grueling or boring. It can actually be fun. Find something that you enjoy doing, and then work up a sweat doing it. Try kayaking or canoeing, swimming or rock climbing, basically anything that gets your heart pumping. You want to boost your body’s calorie output to burn off that layer of fat that hides the muscle definition you’ve been working hard to create. Because when you are at a low body fat percentage and you pack on muscle, especially to your abs, it all shows big time.

In the world of bodybuilding, it is easy to become completely preoccupied with building more and more muscle. Many fitness buffs also become overly consumed with shedding fat. However, in fitness, as in life, it’s all about balance.

The reason women lose their minds over Zac Efron is because his body isn’t overdone. He looks like he could be a normal guy that is in amazing shape. He’s found the sweet spot that perfectly balances muscle development and definition. He isn’t gargantuanly huge, but he’s lean enough to see the cuts in his muscles. That is what makes his body so aesthetically pleasing.

This in addition to focusing on the details and muscle mass of his chest and shoulders...thus giving the appearance of an even thinner waistline.

This in addition to an already defined really makes the physique POP!

Here's an example I can show you with my physique. Notice how the midsection becomes the focal point when you take care of broadening the upper torso:


The Zac Efron Workout Q & A

Zac Efron's Height, Weight and Age:

5'9", 30 years old, 170 pounds (75kg)

How do I get abs like Zac Efron?

Developing a defined midsection that you could scrub your clothes on takes more than a workout regimen (although My Personal Guide to Six Pack Abs is a great place to start). It doesn’t matter how solid your abdominal muscles are if they are covered in a layer of fat. Reduce your overall body fat percentage, and then let those abs shine.

What is the best way to reduce body fat and lean down?

It doesn’t matter how cut your muscles are, if they are covered in a layer of fluffy fat, no one is going to see them. While cardio is important to health, as well as creating a head-turning physique, it shouldn’t be the focus of your fitness regimen. Contrary to popular belief, excessive cardio workouts will not create a lean and defined body like Zac Efron’s.

Getting that lean and chiseled physique requires you to dial in your nutrition, not spend hours on a treadmill. You need to eat the proper calorie and macronutrient (protein, fats and carbs) proportions to allow your body to burn fat while retaining (or increasing) muscle mass. This is what the Barbarian 14-Week Physique Sculpting Program is all about.

Why does this program have me lifting only 3 times a week? Wouldn’t 4-6 workouts get me there faster?

Negative. Training more frequently gives your body less recovery time. By lifting only three times each week, your strength gains will be better. This is because your body has more time to recover and lay down new muscle tissue between each workout. You need to work smarter, not harder.

What if I’m super skinny? How should I eat to put on muscle?

To get a body like Zac Efron’s you need to make sure you’re consuming enough calories to gain about a half pound of muscle each week. It doesn’t matter if you eat “clean” because brown rice and egg whites probably won’t be enough. However, you do need to hit the right calorie intake with a good balance of proteins, fats and carbs.

If you aren’t gaining enough weight, eat more. If you find you’re gaining too much, it’s time to cut back and eat less. Initially, you should shoot for about 16 calories per pound of body weight for bulking up. If you find you’re gaining more than a half a pound per week, eat about 200 fewer calories each day. If you aren’t gaining weight, increase your daily caloric intake by about 200 calories.



I hope you enjoyed this article and you’ve learned a thing or two.

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If you want to see results like Efron, it's time to do the same.

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